Modernising Criminal Justice System (CJS)

[A Cabinet-led, multi- dimensional initiative aimed at improving the systems, processes and capacity of the Criminal Justice System]

The "CJS Review" has been reconstituted as the "CJS Revamp" Programme to mark the fact that the review phase had been completed. The programme consists of many interventions that are taking place at all levels within departments of the criminal justice system and has been reaffirmed as one of the top priorities of Government. Many projects and actions are in progress and are being institutionalised.

Overall Objectives

  • Improved legitimacy and public confidence in the Criminal Justice System;
  • Removal of weaknesses and blockages through short, medium and long term interventions;
  • Sustained efficiency and effectiveness through improved coordination and management of the system as a whole with:
    • A single vision and mission;
    • Coordinated strategies, plans and budgets with improved cross-departmental cooperation and accountability;
    • Integrated and focused management and coordination structures at all levels and across all activities.
  • Balanced input and outcomes of all component parts of the system with effective coordination and management of Inter-departmental and Intra-departmental inputs and deliverables
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and measurement of the system with specific indicators and targets for the System as a whole as well as for each Department or agency for purposes of:
    • Early detection of blockages, issues and problems, and facilitation of immediate corrective action, including the courts, especially at regional court level;
    • Capacity building, skills development and skills retention across the CJS including management and coordinating skills, specific career-paths for specialists and recognition and reward systems that will attract the best professionals;
  • Optimised processes within individual contributing departments and agencies, as well as across the CJS system, with a special focus on the hand-off points between entities;
  • Appropriate, effective and integrated information technology and communication systems and a national reliable CJS database that serves the CJS as a whole and provides relevant and timely information to all the stakeholders; and
  • Optimal community involvement by involving CPF/CSF regimes in CJS matters such as parole boards, community sentencing monitors and volunteer programmes.




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